Legal Resources to help lead change.

Northwest Community Bail Fund

The Northwest Community Bail Fund (NCBF) provides cash bail for marginalized people charged with crimes who are unable to afford bail.

Nashville Community Bail Fund

The Nashville Community Bail Fund frees low-income persons from jail, connects with their loved ones, and works to end wealth-based detention through community partnerships.

Memphic Community Bail Fund

Our mission is to advance policies and programs within Shelby County and the State of Tennessee that strengthen the right to counsel.

Soda City Bail Out

Our mission is to keep marginalized people out of detention and to raise abolitionist political consciousness by organizing people to build community without jails and prisons.

Philadelphia Bail Fund

A revolving fund that posts bail for people who are indigent and cannot afford bail.

Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

Portland Freedom Fund

A volunteer-run abolitionist organization currently dedicated to reducing harms by the criminal justice system through posting bail.

North Carolina Community Bail Fund

The North Carolina Community Bail Fund of Durham fights to end cash bail and provides assistance to those who cannot afford it.

Emergency RElease Fund - NY

The mission of the Emergency Release Fund is to ensure that no trans person at risk in New York City jails remains in detention before trial.

Kansas City Community Bail Fund

Our mission is to provide bail for people without the resources to post their own.

Minnesota Freedon Fund

Since 2016, our mission has been to pay criminal bail and immigration bonds for those who cannot afford to.

Massachussetts Bail Fund

Posts bails of up to $5000 in Essex, Suffolk, & Worcester Counties in Massachusetts.

NorCal Resist Bail Fund

Helps community members facing protest and ICE-related charges make bail.

Tuscon Second Chance Community Bail Fund

Addresses the disproportionate impact of the cash bail system on communities of color and vulnerable populations.

Tuscaloosa Bail Out

The Tuscaloosa Bail Out draws on the liberatory and abolitionist framework developed by the National Bail Fund Network.

Montgomery Bail Out Fund

We are raising money to provide support and post bail for people in the Montgomery County Jail

Stritmatter, Kessler, Koehler, & Moore

Providing legal services to any peaceful protestor, bystander, member of the media, or any other person who was injured due to unwarranted excessive force by the police in the recent and ongoing BLM/George Floyd protests.

Legal Aid Justice Center

The Legal Aid Justice Center provides free legal services on non-criminal matters to income eligible persons.

Volunteer Lawyers for Justice

VLJ is a non-profit law office that provides FREE legal services to low-income people in New Jersey.

Ashley Holub's Pro Bono Attorney List

Google Sheet of pro bono attorneys by state

Derouen Law Firm - Pro Bono Attorney Directory

Directory of Pro-Bono Attorneys For Protestors

American Bar Association Pro Bono Resources

Ensuring access to justice through the expansion and enhancement of the delivery of legal and other law-related services to the underserved

Baltimore Action Legal Team

Provides legal support to Baltimore communities as they exercise their civil liberties.

Southern Center for Human Rights

The Southern Center for Human Rights is working for equality, dignity, and justice for people impacted by the criminal legal system in the Deep South.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The SPLC is a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond.

Abolitionist Law Center

The Abolitionist Law Center is a public interest law firm organized for the purpose of abolishing class and race based mass incarceration.

Civil Liberties Defense Center

Civil Liberties Defense Center supports movements that seek to dismantle the political and economic structures at the root of social inequality and environmental destruction.

Community Activism Law Alliance (Beyond Legal Aid)

Beyond Legal Aid (formerly CALA) creates community activism-law programs for, by, with, and within our partner communities.

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice.

Black Movement-Law Project

Black Movement-Law Project helps build the legal infrastructure necessary to protect emerging local movements.

National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Program

MDC is a network of lawyers, legal workers and law students providing legal support for political activists, protesters and movements for social change.

Law for Black Lives

Law for Black Lives is a national community of radical lawyers and legal workers

American Civil Liberties Union

ACLU fights for everyone's rights.

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